About the NorVikes

The NorVikes is the name of a musical duo comprised of Mary and Rick Sletten. Mary and Rick met while in the 108th Army Band. They played in the small combo together and played for many events and functions throughout the years. Rick plays keyboard and sings and Mary plays saxophone, various percussion instruments, guitar and sings also. After they had both retired from the Army Band, their paths crossed again and they became close friends. Rick was playing at care homes through Audrey's Angels and he asked Mary to play with him. Their duo was well liked and they decided to name their act The NorVikes after Norwegian which is their heritage and Vikings both the Minnesota football team and the Vikings of Norwegian history. They are known for their wonderful performance of 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's and classics.
Richard (Rick) Sletten
Rick has been a musician for more than 50 years.

He has played in many groups both as a drummer and keyboard player. Notably, he played with the Hubland Orchestra, Deliverance, The Vanguards, The Vern Malaffa Orchestra, Richie Wynn and the Tornados, Mary Joyce and the Pioneers as well as several other bands.

Rick spent just short of 30 years in the National Guard and is now retired from the Army Band. He spent 6 years in the artillery in Minnesota National Guard, 14 years in the 188th Army Band of the North Dakota National Guard and 10 years in the 108th Army Band of the Arizona National Guard. He proudly performed at many important functions during his years in the Army Bands including several performances for President George W. Bush, Governors of ND and MN, the 60th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, several Medal of Honor recipient ceremonies and many other military functions.

Rick trained as a Piano Tuner and became certified by Yamaha's Little Red School of Piano Technology and worked for Wurlitzer as a corporate technician trainer.as well as being a member of the Piano Technician's Guild and he has worked as a piano tuner for over 40 years. Rick has a BS from Moorhead State University in Elementary Ed and taught elementary school in various states for 5 years and then started his own piano tuning business
Mary McChesney
Mary has been a musician for more than 45 years.

She spent 4 years in the active duty Air Force as a computer operator and after she was honorably discharged, she pursued computers as her career and retired from the City of Phoenix in 2013.

Over the years, she has played with various groups as a saxophone player, on keyboard, guitar, bass guitar, clarinet and other instruments.

Mary went to Arizona State University and studied Music and Russian language. While there she played in the Sun Devil Marching Band for 4 years and also played in the concert band there playing bass clarinet, saxophone and percussion and in the sax quartet.

After moving to Phoenix she joined the 108th Army Band where she spent 17 years playing saxophone, clarinet and other instruments as needed. She was honored to play for various events such as President George W Bush, Medal of Honor recipients, the 60th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii at the USS Arizona Memorial, Arizona's Governor and many other functions. She retired from the Army Band in 2009.

Mary received a BA at Arizona State University in Russian and studied Music also. She then received a Masters of Education in Secondary Ed also from Arizona State University.